Manitoba Votes Day Eleven

Week in Review  As week two comes to a close both campaigns are homing in on their main proposition to voters. Whereas Stefanson’s PCs are emphasizing tax cuts as a solution to the affordability crisis Kinew’s NDP is focused on strengthening the health-care system.   With next week bringing two public debates, the main cleavage is […]

Manitoba Votes Day Nine

Overview   Party leaders warmed up for next week’s televised debate at a forum hosted by the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association. The focus of the forum was on economic development in the province. Being that the PC’s focus has been on the economy, Leader Stefanson was able to reiterate key messages about reducing provincial taxation. Though […]

Manitoba Votes Day Seven

Overview   During the first weekend of the Manitoba election both the NDP and PC Leaders ventured outside of Winnipeg.   NDP Leader Wab Kinew held a townhall in Eriksdale to discuss the party’s plan to build an emergency room in the community. Eriksdale’s former emergency room was closed under the PC government, which Kinew framed as […]

Manitoba Votes Day Four

Campaigns heat up as week one comes to a close  As Manitoba moves into the first weekend of the campaign, no apparent frontrunner has emerged. Both the PCs and the NDP are laser focused on suburban Winnipeg where the election will likely be determined.   Analysis  Observers have noted Stefanson has been absent from many of […]

Manitoba Votes Day Two

All party Leaders continued to focus their campaign efforts in seat-rich Winnipeg with the PCs, Liberals, and NDP making significant announcements in the city.   Wednesday Announcements  In the News 

Manitoba Votes Day One

Latest Polls   Manitobans will go to the polls on October 3rd for the province’s 43rd general election after Premier Heather Stefanson dropped Manitoba’s provincial election writ on Tuesday.   With Heather Stefanson’s PCs and Wab Kinew’s NDP close in the polls, the Manitoba NDP is looking to form government after losing the 2016 election where they […]

Wellington Advocacy Welcomes Senior Trudeau Advisor Zita Astravas as Vice President, Federal

September, 5, 2023 – Wellington Advocacy is pleased to announce the appointment of Zita Astravas as Vice President, Federal. Wellington Advocacy, a leading full-service public affairs firm, serves as the premiere destination for top political professionals in Canada from across party lines looking to leverage their unique expertise and skillsets in the private sector following […]