Manitoba Votes Day 23


As the Manitoba campaign moves into the final weekend, and the end of the advance voting period, all parties will be focused on getting supporters to the polls and making their final pitches to undecided voters. Stefanson has taken a back seat, not appearing in front of media since Monday—relying on other candidates to make announcements on behalf the incumbent PC’s. Kinew remains focused on healthcare while promising not to raise taxes. 

Meanwhile, finance officials reported a $270 million surplus for the 2022- 2023 fiscal year. The surplus is partially due to corporate and personal tax revenues being $836 million higher than expected, which signals growth of Manitoba’s economy. In the Manitoba NDP’s costed platform announcement, Kinew said that proposed increased funding will be covered by the $520 million set aside for contingencies in the 2023-2024 budget.  

A confidential Manitoba Hydro briefing note obtained by CBC News warns that their power sources would likely be unable to service new industrial customers. This is bad news for both the NDP and PC’s plans to attract companies to the province due to the province’s clean and inexpensive energy source. Both parties have communicated their confidence in the crown corps ability to increase energy production with the right government support.  

Doctors Manitoba hosted a townhall where all 3 party leaders discussed their healthcare promises. Stefanson communicated that the PCs support introducing more private services into the system. This is the first time the PCs have talked referenced private healthcare during the campaign. With recent polling pointing to healthcare being top of mind for Manitobans, this may speak to some of the anxieties voters have.  

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