Alberta Update: October 13, 2023

This Week

Premier Smith’s one-year anniversary: This past week marked one year since Premier Smith was sworn into office. On the occasion, the Premier released a statement reflecting on the progress made in the past 12 months giving special attention to Alberta’s work fighting against the federal government, addressing the affordability crisis, getting Alberta’s fiscal house in order, and addressing concerns in the public health system.
Supreme Court of Canada ruling: Premier Smith and Minister of Justice Mickey Amery responded to the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on Bill C-69 which was announced this morning. They expressed their appreciation for the court’s decision to confirm the unconstitutionality of the federal Liberal government’s legislation but also noted the damage already done by the legislation driving away key investments. The Premier called on the federal government to use this moment as a reset on the ongoing provincial-federal discussions, particularly on Clean Energy Regulations. The Premier held a press conference highlighting the province’s position against the proposed Clean Energy Regulations and Emissions Cap which can be watchedhere
Engaging on the Alberta Pension Plan: Albertans are invited to discuss a potential Alberta Pension Plan (APP) following the release of the independent report on the viability of an APP. The Alberta Pension Plan Engagement Panel, led by former provincial treasurer Jim Dinning, will host a series of telephone town hall sessions starting October 16. A list of scheduled telephone town hall dates and times can be found here.
$28 million to expand private child-care spaces: The governments of Alberta and Canada are working together to increase the number of affordable private child-care spaces in Alberta. An investment of $28 million through the Space Creation Grant will assist with some of the costs associated with opening new child-care spaces and will be expanded to include private child-care operators. The investment supports up to 22,500 new, licensed child-care spaces, and moves Alberta closer to achieving the goal of an average of $10 per day childcare by 2026. 

What’s Next

Legislative calendar: MLAs will return to the Legislature on October 30 for the Speech from the Throne. 
UCP AGM: The United Conservative Party will be holding their next AGM on November 3-4 in Calgary. 



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