This Week in Ottawa: November 24, 2023

Top news

  • On Tuesday, Minister Freeland delivered the Fall Economic Statement. The FES focused on the government priorities of housing, supporting the creation of green jobs, and trying to encourage competition as a way of offering relief to consumers on the cost of living. The FES deficit forecast for this year was unchanged at $40.1 billion.
  •  The federal government announced it will appeal the federal court decision that struck down the cabinet order banning single-use plastics.
  • A dispute resolution panel ruled in favour of Canada in a US challenge on access to Canada’s dairy market.  The panel found that Canada’s allocation of dairy tariff rate quotas did not conflict with the terms of the Canada-US-Mexico free trade agreement.

Government announcements

  • Natural Resources Minister Wilkinson announced the government has opened the first call for proposals for the $1.5-Billion Critical Minerals Infrastructure Fund. The deadline for submissions is February 29th.
  • The application period for employers wishing to participate in the 2024 Canada Summer Jobs program started on November 21. The deadline for eligible suppliers to submit applications is January 10th.
  • The government has opened the 2023 call for proposals under the Sustainable Development Goals Funding ProgramThe program supports projects that build public awareness of SDGs in Canada and measure and report progress on SDGs at the community level.
  • The government has opened a call for proposals for the Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative for projects that strengthen the capacity of Black-led and Black Canadian serving organizations.
  • Minister Guilbeault announced the government is banning the import of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horns to Canada except for very limited exceptions.
  • The Minister of Indigenous Services announced the establishment of the Indigenous Advisory Process to help inform the development of upcoming reforms to the registration provisions of the Indian Act.
  • Defence Minister Blair released the second biannual status report of the External Monitor, which reviewed the status of the 48 recommendations made by Louise Arbour on addressing sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces.

In the House of Commons

  • Bill C-34: This bill to amend the Canada Investment Act was approved by the House at 3rd reading.
  • Bill C-56: The government’s proposed changes to taxes on rental construction and the Competition Act passed 2nd Reading following the passage of a programming motion. That motion passed with the support of the NDP after the government agreed to amend the bill to include NDP proposals for the Competition Act will see the bill quickly move through the remaining stages in the House.  
  • Bill C-57: The bill to implement the amended Canada-Ukraine Free Trade treaty passed 2nd reading in the House of Commons.
  • Bill S-15: The government has introduced a bill that will put new restrictions on the ownership of elephants or great apes in Canada. If passed, it would require that owners receive a permit under the grounds that it would be in “the best interest of the animal’s welfare or conservation, or scientific research.”
  • Bill C-316: This PMB on the Court Challenges program was approved at 2nd Reading in the House.
  • The House Industry Committee began a study into the use of temporary foreign workers at the battery plant currently under construction in Windsor.

Economic numbers of the week

  • $66.5 billion: Canada’s retail sales grew by 0.6% in September to $66.5 billion. The sector that saw the largest gains in sales was motor vehicle and parts dealers.

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