This Week In Ottawa April 28, 2023

Top news

  • The strike by PSAC workers continues with both the union and federal government blaming the other side for the failure of talks to make progress and failing to compromise. The Government tabled a new offer Friday afternoon to end the 10-day-long strike while PSAC workers continued to target critical infrastructure like a bridge between downtown Ottawa and Gatineau.
  • The strike has start to have impact on things like the Canada Revenue Agency call centres which are all closed or operating at reduced service levels. However the CRA insists it will not extend the May 1st tax deadline.
  • The first Canadian Forces evacuation flight has departed from Sudan. The government has deployed 200 Canadian Forces members to help with efforts to evacuate Canadians caught up in the growing conflict in Sudan. The delay in Canadian flights has led some Canadians in Sudan to leave on transport provided by other Western nations.

Government announcements

  • The federal government announced it is committing $100 million in funding for the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). The organization works to accelerate the development a rollout of vaccines and ensure low-to-medium income countries have equal access to vaccines.
  • Minister Petitpas Taylor released the Action Plan for Official Languages 2023–2028: Protection – Promotion – Collaboration detailing the federal government’s plan on how it will use the $4.1 billion in funding that has been committed to supporting the French language in Canada over the next five years.
  • Health Canada has released a new policy update on to restricting advertising of food and beverage products to children with a focus on digital advertising. The policy is meant to be the basis of draft regulations that are expected to be published in winter 2024.
  • Minister Mendicino announced the government has begun conversations with the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association about how to compensate stores for their inventories of firearms which are now banned.
  • The government has opened up applications to organizations who want to participate in delivering funding from the new $79 million Veterans Homelessness Program.
  • Minister Alghabra discussed amendments to the Air Passenger Protections Act that have been included in the Bill C-47. The changes include a revamping of the complaints process that the government claims will speed up process and expanding the circumstances under which mandatory compensation will be required.

In the House of Commons

  • C-11: The long-running debate over the government’s legislation to give the CRTC the power to regulate Internet streaming finally came to an end after the Senate voted to end debate and on Thursday voted accept the government’s version of the bill rather than send the bill back to the House of Commons a second time. Once the bill comes into force the CRTC can begin the process of setting up the new regulatory regime.
  • C-27: The bill to update Canada’s data and privacy laws with a new Digital Charter passed 2nd reading in the House and was referred to the Industry Committee.
  • S-12: This bill to amend the Sex Offender’s Registry following a recent court decision that struck down part of the previous version of the law was introduced in the Senate. It will also require prosecutors to consult victims before seeking a publication ban.
  • C-288: Conservative MP Dan Maizer’s bill to be require internet providers to ensure that the details of their broadband services are publicly available passed 3rd reading in the House.
  • C-248: This bill from NDP MP Brian Masse calling for the establishment of Ojibway National Urban Park in Windsor passed at 3rd reading in the House.
  • S-211: The bill to create new reporting requirements for companies on the use of forced and child labour in their supply chains had its last hour of debate in the House and will receive its 3rd reading vote next week.

Economic numbers of the week 

  • 1.8%: Statistics Canada reported that average wages in Canada increase by 1.8% year over year in February. The survey also found that job vacancies have declined to lowest level since August 2021.

Coming Up

  • The Coronation of Charles III will be held on May 6th. 
  • The Liberal Party will hold its national convention in Ottawa from May-4th-6th. 

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