Alberta Votes Day Eighteen

May 18, 2023 Latest Polls  Overview: Leader’s Debate Tonight saw the only leaders’ debate of the campaign, putting UCP leader Danielle Smith and NDP leader Rachel Notley against each other in a well-matched showdown. Unlike past debates in Alberta, this one saw only the two leaders squaring off with no third-party leaders participating, allowing for […]

Alberta Votes Day Seventeen

May 17, 2023 Latest Polls  Overview  The eve of the leaders’ debate finds both parties on the defensive. The UCP are focusing on criticism of the NDP corporate tax rate hike and its economic questions, with two UCP candidates holding a media event today to further criticize the NDP’s proposed increase (three other UCP candidates […]

Alberta Votes Day Sixteen

May 16, 2023 Latest Polls  Overview  The reality of Alberta’s wildfires is sinking in across the province today as smoke rolled into Calgary and Edmonton, significantly decreasing air quality. While the two major cities have been spared from the wildfires to date, both cities are now subject to air quality warnings given smoke and risks […]

Alberta Votes Day Fifteen

May 15, 2023 Latest Polls  Overview  Now past the halfway mark, new polling has some welcome news for both parties. Janet Brown Opinion Research numbers in the Calgary Herald today show the UCP leading 51 to 40. Among the much-watched Calgary numbers, the UCP leads with 51 to 39 for the NDP. Meanwhile, Abacus Data […]

Alberta Votes Day Twelve

May 12, 2023 Latest Polls  Overview  Week two of the election comes to a close with few surprises. Next week will mark the halfway point for the campaign and, on Thursday, will see the only leaders’ debate of this campaign. That debate next week has added significance given what’s seen as a close race between the […]

Alberta Votes Day Eleven

May 11, 2023 Latest Polls  Overview  Both leaders are out in Calgary today, with UCP leader Danielle Smith making an Affordability for Seniors announcement this morning and NDP leader Rachel Notley making an infrastructure funding announcement later this afternoon. A third of the way through the campaign, Calgary indeed continues to be seen as the […]

Alberta Votes Day Ten

May 10, 2023 Latest Polls  Overview  We’re about one-third of the way through the campaign period as of today. Both the UCP and NDP today promised funding supports for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Health care was also a focus on the campaign trail: a report today showed that recent provincial changes have resulted […]

Alberta Votes Day Nine

May 09, 2023 Latest Polls  Overview  While the first week of the campaign saw the two leaders largely in Calgary, today saw campaign announcements made elsewhere in the province: in downtown Edmonton, UCP leader Danielle Smith made an announcement about a provincial plan to tackle crime and safety issues; in Lethbridge, NDP leader Rachel Notley […]

Alberta Votes Day Eight

May 08, 2023 Latest Polls  Overview  Since Friday, the election campaign has largely taken a backseat as a wildfire emergency continues across Alberta. UCP Leader and Premier Danielle Smith returned to Edmonton and Alberta’s Emergency Management Centre. She met with NDP leader Rachel Notley on Sunday, discussing how to support Albertans during the wildfires, and […]