Alberta Votes Day Fifteen

May 15, 2023

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Now past the halfway mark, new polling has some welcome news for both parties. Janet Brown Opinion Research numbers in the Calgary Herald today show the UCP leading 51 to 40. Among the much-watched Calgary numbers, the UCP leads with 51 to 39 for the NDP. Meanwhile, Abacus Data numbers released over the weekend show the NDP leading 51 to 41, with the NDP leading 42 to 36 in Calgary.  


  • In Calgary, UCP leader Danielle Smith announced that a re-elected UCP government would develop and pass the Compassionate Intervention Act as a response to the ongoing addictions crisis. The proposed legislation would allow a family member, medical professional, or law enforcement to petition a judge to issue a treatment order. 
  • In Calgary, NDP leader Rachel Notley announced that an NDP government would eliminate Alberta’s small business tax entirely. The party estimates the cut would save small business owners $10,000 annually. During her comments to media, the NDP leader suggested that a fiscal plan announcement is coming soon.  The NDP also promised to invest in arts and culture including a 50% increase in funding for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  
  • Over the weekend, UCP Leader Danielle Smith announced that, if re-elected, the UCP would improve health care for Alberta women and children. Meanwhile, NDP leader Rachel Notley promised the NDP would introduce a rate cap to prevent utility bills from skyrocketing over the summer.  
  • The emergency wildfire situation continues. As of this afternoon, 90 wildfires remain active, with 23 burning out of control.  

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