This Week In Ottawa December 16, 2022

Top news

  • Minister Lametti announced the government will seek to delay the expansion of medical assistance in dying to cases of mental illness scheduled to occur on March 17, 2023. The government will ask Parliament to move back the deadline in order to give time for the government to consider the report of the Special Parliamentary Committee which is currently studying MAID after it reports its findings in February,
  • Manitoba MP and former Cabinet Minister Jim Carr passed away at the age of 71. He was elected to the House in 2015 and served as Minister of Natural Resources, Minister of International Trade and as the Prime Minister’s Special Representative to the Prairies.
  • Oxford MP Dave Mackenzie announced he will be retiring from the House by the end of January. He has been an MP since 2004.
  • A by-election in the Ontario seat of Mississauga-Lakeshore saw the Liberals retain the seat they have held since 2015, with former provincial Finance Minster Charles Sousa being elected as the new MP.
  • A report by the Ethics Commissioner found that International Trade Minister Mary Ng violated the Conflict of Interest Act with her decision to award two contracts to a close friend.
  • The federal government has issued a new directive that requires all departments to begin having employees work from the office a minimum of 2 to 3 days a week. This policy replaces the previous approach of allowing each department to set its own guidelines which resulted in a wide variation as to how often employees were expected to work in the office rather than remotely.


Government Announcements

  • Minister Freeland released the breakdown of planned federal transfer payments to the provinces and territories for the 2023-24 fiscal year. Transfers are scheduled to be more than $94B next year, including $49B for the Canada Health Transfer.
  • Defence Minister Anand announced she has directed her department to proceed with a plan to implement all of the 48 recommendations of the Arbour Report that looked into the Canadian Forces handling of allegations of sexual harassment and assault.
  • Minister Wilkinson announced at COP15 that Canada, along with Australia, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, are launching the Sustainable Critical Minerals Alliance to drive the global uptake of environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive and responsible mining, processing and recycling practices and responsible critical minerals supply chains.
  • The federal government has revoked the exemption that allowed a Montreal company to repair and return turbines to Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline despite Canada’s sanctions on Russia.

In Parliament

  • Both the House and Senate finished their 2022 sittings this week and rose for the Christmas break. The House is scheduled to return on January 30th.
  • Bill C-18: The bill which would require web giants to negotiate with Canadian media outlets and provide compensation for links to those outlet’s content passed 3rd Reading in the House.
  • Bill C-32: This bill that implements provisions of the Fall Economic Statement was approved by the Senate and received Royal Assent.
  • Bill C-37: This bill to create an Employment Insurance Board of Appeal was introduced in the House.
  • Bill C-38: An Act to amend the Indian Act (new registration entitlements) was introduced in the House.
  • Bill C-235: MP Jim Carr’s bill, An Act respecting the building of a green economy in the Prairies was approved by the Senate and received Royal Assent.
  • S-4: This bill which implements changes to court procedures to in response to practices adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic was approved by the House and received Royal Assent.
  • Bill S-223: This bill to create a new criminal code offense for trafficking in human organs was approved by the House at 3rd Reading and received Royal Assent.

Economic Numbers of The Week

  • 2.1%: Canada’s manufacturing sales increased by 2.8% in October led by the petroleum and coal sector which was up by 12.7% over the previous month.


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