Alberta Votes Day Two

May 02, 2023

Latest Polls 

  • Ipsos: UCP 48, NDP 44 


An uneventful Day 2 of the campaign once again saw both leaders in battleground Calgary. Regional polls say it is a neck-in-neck race with a new Ipsos poll showing 47% NDP / 45% UCP in Calgary and ThinkHQ showing 46% NDP / 46% UCP in Calgary. The main message for both parties was relatively unchanged from yesterday: there was no new UCP announcement today to get in the way of the substantive coverage received by yesterday’s tax cut announcement, and the NDP again focused on details of their Family Care Teams Plan, a plan first announced in February.   

This campaign is unique among Alberta’s provincial elections in that it isn’t the first rodeo for either of the major party leaders. Danielle Smith first ran for Wildrose leadership in 2009 and led that party through the 2012 election, and Rachel Notley was first elected as an NDP MLA in the 2008 election and is now in her third provincial election as leader. Both leaders have sat in the Premier’s Office, and both have also lost provincial elections. As a result, both parties are focusing on contrasts and policy, with less time spent on “Meet the Leader” style communications. 


  • NDP leader Rachel Notley was once again in Calgary, highlighting NDP plans to expand health capacity through the NDP Family Care Teams Plan. During media availability, she said the plan wouldn’t involve a restructuring of AHS.  
  • UCP leader Danielle Smith was in Calgary meeting with voters. There was no campaign announcement today. 

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