Alberta Votes Day Four

May 04, 2023

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The Alberta Advantage is a central focus for provincial campaigns over the years. It’s no different in this election as campaigns appeal to voters with policies aimed at maintaining Alberta’s edge, diversifying the economy, and creating new jobs. On these points, differences between the UCP and the NDP are becoming more apparent as campaigns release more substantive policy platforms and respond to attacks. Yesterday, NDP Leader Rachel Notley announced her plan to “create good jobs”, promising 47,000 good-paying jobs through the creation of a new cleantech tax credit – the Alberta’s Future Tax Credit – and expanding the Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program. Today, UCP Leader Danielle Smith announced her “Alberta Job Growth and Diversification Strategy”, a plan that would introduce a signing bonus to attract workers, offer a graduation retention tax credit to keep young graduates and create an auto-credentialing system for in-demand professions. Other differences became apparent as net-zero goals were up for discussion. As we get closer to election day and closer to full platform releases, more policy differences will become apparent as parties aim to differentiate themselves in what’s still a tight election.


  • UCP Leader Danielle Smith made a substantive skilled worker attraction and retention announcement in Calgary today. The plan includes a $1,200 “Alberta is Calling” signing bonus to attract needed workers in healthcare and trades, a graduation retention tax credit to keep young graduates working in Alberta, and fast-tracking approval times for internationally trained doctors, nurses, and skilled workers. 
  • Also in Calgary, NDP leader Rachel Notley’s message today was a pitch to past conservative voters and new voters focused on a message of trust. In her appeal to conservative voters, she claimed that an NDP government would not raise income taxes and will have balanced budgets.
  • Yesterday’s UCP criticism of the taxpayer-facing impact of the NDP’s net-zero by 2035 commitment continued to be a discussion on the campaign trail. 

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